I’m walking on. I am a wanderer.

I walk at a place where heaven meets earth, and I have come far. The winds are strong today, but I am stronger. Maybe I don’t know where I’m going, but there’s no hesitatation in my steps. Cause I know my cause. I have become my cause.

I don’t hide away anymore, I am walking with the sun in my face. I might not be beautiful, and I am far from perfect… But beautiful are the wings I made, and beauty lies in my eyes when I rise. Cause I rise in Her.

I’m a wanderer. I have come to make my peace, and peace I will bring. No one or nothing can stop me now. I will go barefoot and naked if that is what it takes. Truth is the fire that will light up my path, as I’m doing the walk of life… for love.

I came from nowhere and there‘s just where this journey ends. I will carry the beauty of your smiling eyes with me into the unknown. No tears can stop me now, just let them fall.

The wolf at my side will never leave me. I can’t see her, but I can feel her. I wouldn’t be a wanderer without her. Our journey will never end, cause it has never begun. We are walking with the blessings of the eternal morning sun. I will never turn away again.

I am ready to meet the deepest darkness and the brightest light. I’m strong cause I gave up the fight. She is beating her drum, she is calling me home. I’m a wanderer, and I will live and die on my own. But I will never walk alone.

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