Natural born leader

Some say I have problems with authorities. I say they often have a problem with me.

I don’t accept a leader who don’t know how to be a leader. Who don’t deserve to be a leader, and can not manage to be a leader. Unfortunately there are immature leaders all over the place, almost in every position of power. But – occasionally – I have come across natural born leaders. When I do I always get humbled.

Natural born leaders can behave and lead in many different ways, but usually they don’t ask for leadership or fight for it. People just follow them. Often they don’t identify them selves as leaders, even though they can be nothing less. They are always humble toward those who follow them, and find value in every person. Cause they see beyond the surface, they see people who they really are.

A natural born leader aims to bring forth every individual’s strengths and highest abilities to make a successful team. They respect every member of the group for their unique qualities, and they inspire everyone to improve and thrive both as individuals and together as a group.

I can not have a ‘boss’ who haven’t done the work. When someone have done the workthey have dared to look within in a journey of self discovery. They have found out what lies of life they have been programmed with, and chosen to transform them in silence. They have rediscovered their own truth.

When you’ve done the work you’ll have the self confidence to meet anyone in any situation. You’ll have the confidence of a natural born leader. When you have realised who you are not, you will see who others are not.

To do the work takes a lot of courage. Not everyone dare. But I believe everyone will get there in their own time, cause we are all destined to be the natural born leaders of our own lives.

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