About violence

Violence is violence is violence.

Violence towards all living beings is all the same. Violence towards this planet, towards nature. Violence against women and children. Violence against every Man despite of cultural origin, religion, physical appearance, ethnicity, language, education or economical situation. Violence towards every animal. Violence between nations in warfare. It is all the same.

Rasism and economical injustices. Human rights and equality. Climate crisis, starvation, and pollution. Prostitution, trafficking and domestic abuse. It is all consequences of violence.

Violence must stop in every form. Violence has to be transformed into peace at every level. You can not end violence in a single one of these areas, if you don’t stop the violence in every way it gets expressed.

Violence is like a virus that is spreading in different parts of the body, aiming to take over it all. If you stop it from taking over your legs, it will go to your arms, and so on.You have to get it totally out of your system.

This planet and the world we live in is the body. And it is dying because of the virus called violence. We need to get violence out of this system, or we wont survive. No one will. Not even the wealthiest of psychopaths.

We all have been individually exposed to violence in one way or another. So it is in our systems. Until we have cured our selves from it, we wont be able to cure this world. All efforts to try to fight violence around us will be unsuccessful if we haven’t healed what lies with in us, affecting us subconsciously.

It is a kind of journey to go within, and it will take time. In fact, you will reach no final destination in this lifetime. But you might experience an increasing level of inner peace if you do the work. And from the moment you take the first steps on this path, you will become an ambassador of peace. You will become a great threat to all who are acting in violent ways, and an inspiration to others to make the same journey.

Those who have begun to identify and neutralise the violence within them selves will remind others of their inner beauty in every encounter.

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