All colors

Some say you should only write about the good stuff in blogs like this, but to that I just say…

I am all colors.

I am both dark and light, and all in between.I am both broken and whole, and I am not ashamed to be. Maybe you thought that was opposites, but one can be both at the same time. We’re all very complex human beings. We don’t exist in one dimension only.

So I write when I am low and blue. I write when I am heartbroken, and full of anxiety. And I write when I am wild and free, singing and dancing in the joy of life. I write when I am mad and angry, and tearing up the skies. No one will be unaware of when my thunder goes and when my lightning strikes.

I write when I am tired and have a clouded mind, and also when I am delirious and spaced out. I will write when I am full of music, as well as when I am filled with pain. I will write when I feel strong and at other times when I can’t bear it anymore. When all my hope is lost and I can’t find my way. I will write when I am in inspiration and harmony, on the top of my world. I will write with the rain falling on my head and dripping from my hair, as well as when the sun is in my face – making me unable to see.

Cause I am all colors. All the time.

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