I used to go and find strength in the forests. It was like I got recharged when I spent time amongst the trees. There were such strong energy fields in the intact forests back in the days. I did sense the vibrations so pure and intense, I could almost touch them with my hand.

When I grew up there still existed forests with intact ecosystems. Trees and plants with a variation of functions and in different ages. During those days trees could grow very high and become very old. Old trees dying in the forests are very important to the ecosystems. The forests were full of life, with an amazing diversity. I deeply loved the forests. Now there are no forests left. It has been totally devestating to me.

Scientists are declaring that only 3% of the worlds ecosystems are still intact. Most of the trees you see now in our cultivated so called forests are planted to be cut down. We have destroyed the habitats of wildlife and spieces are getting extincted rapidly. It is so extremly painful to witness.

Where ever I have lived around this country during the last decades the forests have been harvested around me. It’s like I have been hunted by doom-day-machines. We all live in the consequenses of this loss now.

When there are no trees to capture the water the trashed grounds become dry, and they burn. Animals can’t get shelter or protection anymore. There is no strength for me to be found on these grounds today. Majority of younger generations have never had the experience of walking in a real forest.

Now we all need to find the strength in our hearts to protect and restore our nature. Together we can turn this around. I believe in revolutions of love and peace. I’m a believer, and I’m not the only one.

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