Creative mode

Sometimes you shouldn’t wait until you get inspired until you begin creative work. Maybe it’s that kind of day when you feel low in energy, but you have lots of time to spend on that project you really wish to manifest. You just can’t come up with anymore excuses not to do it, but you do just not feel up for it. And you haven’t felt up for it in a long time, even though you felt that burning urge to manifest this idea once upon a time, a while ago when you started it. Now it seems very long ago, and you miss having that creative spark in your chest.

Well, just do it anyways. Cause I did, and when I got going, that inspiration arose like some kind of phoenix, lifting from the ashes of lost creativity. So just because you don’t feel like the winner of your own game of life just today – just try it out anyways – cause that blue feeling might be just another graydayillusion!

Well, there can be so many things that can make you feel low and blue. Here in these northern parts low levels of vitamin D can affect you. Too little sun can mess with the chemistry of the brain. Maybe you haven’t worked out for too long, so your endorphin levels are bringing you down. But true creativity comes from another source. It goes beyond limitations of the brain. Of course we need to see to our basic needs, but I believe getting into creative mode actually can fix some endorphin high for us. Getting inspired can give us all the kicks needed.

So my point is, sometimes you just have to do it. Get going. Get up on that damn old horse, or whatever, and just kick it off. Metaphorically speaking. If you do it for a while and it’s still not working for you – maybe there’s something lacking or bugging you that simply has to be fixed. Or maybe you don’t really want to manifest that project.

But if you’re lucky – as I was today – against all odds, you might get inspired once you’ve finally got started. It was so unlikely considered what state I was in mentally, but once I sat down just doing it – I suddenly got back on track again. I’m humbled.

Life is amazing that way, how it sometimes surprises you. In a good way.

Well, it’s time for early dinner here at the basestation. I wish you well, and thank you for checking in!

Make everyday count.