Run for my life

This is a kind of warning to readers who think their time is precious; this post is a waste of cyberspace.

It can’t be interesting to anyone but myself, and even I don’t find it interesting. But actually – when I think about it – many of my posts are like this. Kind of boring. So… Just sharing a glimpse of my every day life, as exciting as it gets. Personal rubbish, just some random thoughts. If I get intellectual one day I’ll let you know.

I have a plan. A life supporting plan. It is really a survival strategy. I am not moving my body more than necessary nowadays. I am in a bodily stagnation, and have been for many years. Yes, during the last five years I have been visiting the gym for light workout regularly, but that’s maybe just three hours a week. All the other hours I am very physically passive. I really need to move my body. I have known this for a long time, and it’s been bugging me. I don’t really know why it has become so difficult.

I don’t like to walk around outside without a dog or two. I don’t like to walk alone. I have been doing it from time to time, and I have even been jogging – but that ended when I crashed with exhaustion syndrome some years ago. Before the pandemic situation occurred I used to go to Zumba, at least once or twice a week. But suddenly we were not allowed to gather up, as you all know. And these last two years it’s just been stagnation. And the gym workout just made me stiff and aching – though I didn’t get any cardio at all.

So it’s time now. It’s time to get going again. Cause some crazy people say that soul and body are connected, and actually affecting one another. So… After months of contemplating this matter, I have now come up with a plan. Since I will continue to live a dogless life – however heartbreaking that fact is – I need to begin moving anyways.

I wake up very early every morning. Before the world has come alive. And I have many days free from work, though I work twentyfourhour shifts on schedule. So I often get up, do my morning rituals, and then wait until I can go and bother someone – like my sister, or Aggie, or grandpa’s sister Mabbe. That’s how I deal with my single life. Often I go over to their house and have some breakfast.

When I get up in the mornings I am full of energy. Before 11:00 pm I am peaking and during the rest of the day it’s a descending energy curve. That early hour waiting time is always kind of disturbing, and often causes frustration and brings me down. It’s too much time to think. Or to dwell. Or to fret over things.

So my new plan is to get outside in that early hour – and get that bodily motion done with. I will get out with Nexstory or Spotify in my headphones and walk or run for half an hour to begin with – whatever I feel like. It will become part of my morning ritual, which is very established at this point in my life. I wont even call this new morning event a work out. It will become as natural as brushing my teeth. Every morning when I am free from work I will do this, with no exception.

So – I am beginning this new lifestyle project tomorrow. Thuesday morning, around six o’clock. Do you believe I will make it? Do you believe I will manage? Do you think I have had simliar fabulous ideas before in the past? That didn’t work out?

Well, I don’t let disappointments from the past stop me! Ok, maybe not exactly totally true all the time, but I really believe in new beginnings, cause I am a believer. And sometimes, somethings might actually work! It has happened before! Some years back I hade a struggle to get to the gym – now it happens automatically.

We’ll see. I’ll keep you updated. I’ll at least give it a try. With nothing to lose, and everything to win.

Thank you for reading.