Every day life love

Crashing down at the basestation. In my most precious little tub. Been visiting grandpa’s sister. Ran in to the big D-dogs human, and I must say that after all this time with me fretting over his dog – we’ve developed a special kind of bond. He has become one of the people I have extra care for.

One might think that those people I try to support are in need of my help somehow. But they are actually helping me, by bringing meaning into my life and into my existence. Sometimes I feel that helping others is a highly selfish act.

It’s actually an honor to be the one who gets to help. I have often been the one in need of support, so I know how it feels.

One of them use to leave messages on my mobile phone several times a week, telling me how important I am – and that she prays for me to have a good and happy life. Nobody else is doing that. Sometimes she even sings – it’s kind of beautiful. Heartwarming.

And today another of them said he loves me, and even though the circumstances are special – I could feel what he meant, and I honor our connection. I look at our lifesituations where we both struggle with different kind of hardships – both feeling lost at times. We’re more alike than different.

It’s like namaste kind of meetings, where the surface doesn’t matter. We meet beyond the illusion. Sometimes it’s easier to really connect with people who are feeling fragile, than with those who are busy being successful.

Sometimes I am glad I never believed in the lies of life we all are getting so constantly served. Even as a child I could see right through them, and refused to take part in it. When I have not been able to avoid getting dragged into them, I have always kept myself aware and alert. Always seeking independence.

The greatest challenge we have here on earth is to remember who we really are. That truth is the only truth we need to seek. I once met one who had come to the deepest realisation, and he said; bliss is all there is. I believe him.