Today I am waking up in this world of time and space.

Today is a day when I remember how very much we want to live long and happy lives here on earth. How precious life is to us. Today is a day when I remember the tremendous beauty that is lying hidden in a pair of smiling eyes.

Today is a day when I celebrate this world of contrasts. I inhale the vision that comes from the higher perspective. We are all on a journey where the travelling it self is the main goal and soul purpose. Today I honor the thought that every being that exists on earth has a soul purpose which is connected to their soul agreement.

Today I take a moment in time to enter into the timelessness. To remember all the loved ones who once lived here and walked this world beside us, in different shapes and forms.

Today I take a deep breath of life, to remind myself that I am only here during one single blink of the cosmic eye. My life is just another cosmic breath. I don’t need to overrate my own importance, cause life will continue here after I am gone – as well as it did before I came.

This day I honor the preciousness of the time I have got left on this earth, in this body, in this life situation. It is a valuable gift and I am greatly humbled by it.

Today I put all the pain, suffering, grief, fear, tears, struggle and madness away. For a brief second of eternity I allow my self to embrace the higher picture, which puts everything in perspective.

I can not fathom how small this earth really is in universe, and how tiny we are as separate individuals… Yet together we all are everything. We are all connected. That bright pearl of wisdom is found in the deep silence of meditation.

I was here for a moment… then I was gone

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